Plagiarism Policy

The editorial board of International Journal of Latin Notary  will use the Turnitin program to check for plagiarism.

Self-plagiarism and plagiarism are prohibited;

The authors should make sure that their works are wholly unique and that, if they have borrowed from the ideas or words of others, they have properly cited or mentioned those sources;

Generally speaking, an author shouldn't submit articles detailing essentially the same study to more than one journal or primary publication. It is unacceptable to simultaneously submit the same paper to multiple journals, which is considered unethical publishing practice;

Always give due credit to other people's contributions. Citations for works that had a significant impact on understanding the nature of the reported work are required.


Working Method:

The editorial team manually checks the text on offline and online databases (checking correct citation and quotation); 

the editorial team also uses the Turnitin software to verify the paper.

The board will reject the manuscript right away if there is plagiarism evidence (greater than 25%).